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The Mix 013: Nikki Nair

Nikki Nair pounds through a 100% production mix and chats to Mixmag about mythology, getting silly in the studio, and causing chaos with Hudson MohawkeContinue reading...


Club Ready DJ School

Why Beats Drift Apart on CDJS

I currently have a sale on my Club Ready DJ Course, check it out, best move you ever made for your DJIng or full money back guaruntee for 1 year: Check out my free mini course - 20 free videos and documents to help you get started: Tracks used in this video: Palm Strings - Bart Skils, Weska and Keep on Flying - Gockel This playlist is […]



The Mix 012: KAVARI

Scottish agent of chaos KAVARI shares a face-melting mix and speaks to Jacqueline Codiga about growing up amid the EDM boom, finding comfort in horror, and turning Aphex Twin's headContinue reading...