A. G. Cook announces new album ‘Britpop’

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A. G. Cook has announced his upcoming album ‘Britpop’, which is set to land on New Alias in May.

Alongside the news, the PC Music founder has shared the record’s title-track ‘Britpop’ — which is said to be inspired by his idea of “Britishness.”

Featuring longtime collaborator Charli XCX, the new single features the lyrics “Brit like Britpop” over a cacophony of jagged percussion and glittering synths.

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The 24-track album will be split into three sections, disc one ‘Past’ will concentrate on Cook’s “hyperreal electronic style”, disc two ‘Present’ will be more a traditionally-aligned to Britpop, with the final disc ‘Future’ covering his modern sound.

Inspired by his experiences as a British person living in a small Montana town throughout the pandemic, Cook says he underwent a period of “self-reflection” and looked into his own “idiosyncratic history”, drawing the main influence of ‘Britpop’.

The artist, widely credited with helping to popularise the hyperpop sound, has previously collaborated with Charli XCX, Beyoncé and Caroline Polachek, but no tracklist has been revealed for ‘Britpop’ yet.

On New Year’s Day, Cook released the 10-minute-long track ‘Silver Golden Needle’ on N. A., marking his first single since the closure of his label PC Music. ‘Britpop’ will be released on Cook’s new imprint, aptly named New Alias.

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Last year, Cook announced that the London-based record label and art collective would stop releasing music this year: “After a decade of activity, 2023 will be PC Music’s final year of new releases,” a statement had read at the time.

“Following that, the label will be dedicated to archival projects and special reissues. We have an undisclosed number of new albums and singles coming very soon,” it continued.

Listen to A. G. Cook’s new single ‘Britpop’ below. Pre-order the album here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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