Actress announces new album ‘Statik’


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Electronic producer Actress has announced his forthcoming LP ‘Statik’, set for release on July 7 via the Oslo-based label Smalltown Supersound.

Actress, a moniker of producer Darren Cunningham has announced the new album via a post on Instagram, and has shared two singles from the forthcoming project, ‘Dolphin Spray’ and ‘Static’.

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The two singles capture different sides of the artist, with ‘Dolphin Spray’ a driving, bouncy track with shimmering synth arpeggios, whereas ‘Static’ channels a more introspective energy and buzzy ambience.

The project is set to be Actress’ first full-length collaboration with Small-town Supersound, a collaboration which evolved organically following Actress’ remix of a Carmen Villain cut for the 12” of her ‘Only Love From Now On’ LP.

Another enigmatic electronic release from the producer, the album is imbued with a sense of “freedom and stillness”, with the celestial and expansive project serving as “a testament to artistic liberation” for Actress, who wrote the majority of the album in an “extensive flow state”.

Calm and meditative, the album is designed as a transcendental experience, with listeners taken through “nocturnal cityscapes”, through, “Saturn’s rings and past Pluto’s moons”, and transported into “influential visions of aqueous realms, such as the mythic Atlantis.”

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‘Statik’ is set to be Actress’ 10th studio album, following on from his release of ‘LXXXVIII’ in November of last year on Ninja Tune Records.

1. Hell
2. Static
3. My Ways
4. Rainlines
5. Ray
6. Six
7. Cafe Del Mars
8. Dolphin Spray
9. System Verse
10. Doves Over Atlantis
11. Mello Checx

To pre-order the ‘Statik’ LP and listen to the new singles off the album – ‘Static’ and “Dolphin Spray’ – click here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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