Aimi shares its forthcoming releases for the rest of the year

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Label and music platform Aimi has announced its upcoming releases for the rest of 2022.

Having most recently released material from names including DJ Minx, I. JORDAN, Lost Souls Of Saturn and 96 Back, the platform has announced it’ll house work by Elkka (pictured), Nightmares on Wax, Kareem Ali, Fort Romeau and Otik.

Claiming to change the way music is “created, experienced and monetized”, Aimi is a digital platform which uses artificial intelligence (AI) via algorithms to create an “interactive music experience”.

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Producers are able to utilise its technology by providing a set of stems, which are then analysed and reassembled by the AI to create what is dubbed a “musical experience”. Artists are able to tweak elements, with the original source material being restructured in accordance with Aimi’s algorithms and also, uniquely, listener feedback. Upon receiving audience feedback, the platform’s technology will adjust the production accordingly to ‘suit’ the listener preference.

“Aimi’s groundbreaking generative technology combines artist and algorithm, pushing the boundaries of what is possible, setting the stage for a new era of experimental music,” reads its website. “The future of music is not in static songs or albums, but in interactivity, personalization, ease of access and ever-evolving compositions that allow for more creativity in both creation and consumption.”

“When I have been approached by the people from Aimi, I was a bit dubious of the relationship between AI and the artist, but also very intrigued and the result did not disappoint” explains previous user rRoxymore. “Electronic music and technology have a tight and interdependent relationship, Iā€™m very looking forward to including the app as a proper creative tool.”

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You can stay in-the-know with both Aimi’s evolution, plus its forthcoming releases, here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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