​Andriy Kyrychenko unveils album dedicated to Ukrainian liberation artist

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Ukrainian musician, composer, and Next Sound Festival founder Andriy Kyrychenko has unveiled a brand new album dedicated to the life and work of Maria Pryimachenko.

MARIA’ pays tribute to the late Ukrainian liberation artist and folk painter who passed away in 1997, nodding to her as a “symbol of the liberation revival of Ukraine”.

The 14-track record was released on Friday, February 23, via UK label Touched Music. 50% of all proceeds from the record will go to cancer charities, the other 50% to Ukrainian charities.

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‘MARIA’ was created after years of studying the artistry of Pryimachenko, who worked in painting, embroidery and ceramics as a self-taught artist. The impact of her work led to recognition from the likes of Pablo Picasso during her career.

The record was also created in response to the destruction of Pryimachenko’s work during Russia’s bombardment of Ukraine in 2022. 15 of 25 “priceless” works stored at the Ivankiv Historical and Local History Museum were unsalvageable following the bombing of Ivankiv, Kyiv, on February 25, 2022.

“The images of ‘naive art’ appeal to amazing archetypal spaces that reproduce both the national identity and personal aspirations of Maria, faith in the power of love, goodness and all the beautiful things that surround us,” Andriy says on the album.

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“In her works you can find visual attributes of rural life, Ukrainian ethnicity, strange animals, flowers and even starry celestial bodies.”

He adds that he can feel the “powerful echoes” of her artistic approach in his own philosophy, conveyed through a combination of sound textures throughout the record.

Purchase ‘MARIA’ here, and check out the tracklist and artwork below.

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1. A Fish King Has Caught a Hoopoe and Is Full of Joy
2. A Horse In Sadness
3. Another Beast Has Run Into Flowers
4. Autumn Is Riding On Horseback
5. Black Beast 06:06 6. Blue Ox
7. Corncob Horse In Outer Space
8. Fairy Bird–Peacock
9. May That Nuclear War Be Cursed!
10. Monkey Riding A Four-Headed Beast
11. This Beast Is Making Magic
12. Tiger Laughs
13. Wild And Big-Eared
14. Wild Bull And Raven Are Friends

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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