Anetha’s Mama told ya shares new V/A compilation

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Anetha‘s imprint Mama told ya has shared its latest V/A compilation, ‘Mille attaque, les vents contrèrent’.

The record is the third of a series focused around the four elements, this time focused upon air. So, in this edition, artists including Vel, LDS, Zoë McPherson, Boys Noize and Lacchesi traverse, according to its press release, “gusts of disturbed techno, squalls of groove, mental tornado, minimal bass hurricane, [and a] cloudburst of psytrance”.

It offers a fresh take on the higher side of the BPM scale, with each track distinguishable and carving their own identity.

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“This third compilation, MTY-AIR… I’m so proud of it,” Anetha tells Mixmag. “Once again, amazing artists joined the project and I feel super grateful. This time, I’ve been directly inspired by the wind/air element, to select and build ‘Mille attaque, les vents contrèrent’.

“Air seems light-weighted and graceful yet it can be cataclysmic; I love the duality of it. And when I look at the tracks and artists in the VA, I like to see this kind of duality as well: it goes from a great mix of mental deep tracks from the best producers of the scene right now – to more real clubbing bangers, but always with a Mama’s twist!

“This is also a special one for me because for the first time, it’s a release that doesn’t include a track of mine – and when I see all the feedback and hear the tracks, I’m super proud of the result. It’s a super powerful release.”

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‘MTY-AIR – ‘Mille attaque, les vents contrèrent” is available now, check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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