Anfisa Letyago accused of plagiarism over latest single ‘Rosso Profondo’

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Anfisa Letyago has been accused of plagiarising Donato Dozzy for her latest track ‘Rosso Profondo’.

Dozzy claims that Letyago’s vocal and the Anna Caragnano vocal from his 2019-released ‘Parola (Rework)’ are too similar to be a coincidence — despite Letyago posting footage on Instagram recording the vocal for her track last Friday.

Dozzy told RA that he could “see a similarity” between the two tracks.

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“Everyone here can hear both tracks and make their own idea. I can see a similarity but the problem here is not about plagiarism or not (probably it’s not) but a more general attitude of many producers who simply copy and paste other people’s ideas and get away with it.”

“I deeply wish to witness a more creative attitude from everyone—that’s what I deeply stand for.”

Letyago denied the accusations in a conversation with RA by saying it was “unfounded” and left her “speechless.”

She added: “I was very surprised when I read the article on Soundwall. The title literally says I’ve ‘blatantly copied’ a track and that’s false. [The] tracks are different on many levels: songwriting, beat, melody and the general purpose.”

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Online critists, Marco Shuttle and Italian publication Soundwall claim she copied Dozzy’s track.

Shuttle wrote on Facebook: “there is a limit to decency, there is a limit to how much you can feel entitled to fool people around and there is a limit to how anyone should be allowed to step over an artist’s intellectual property, in this case, #donatodozzy , a giant of this scene that deserves only respect (besides being also a very dear friend) as well as Anna Caragnano, of course, the other half behind the ‘Sintetizzatrice’ project”

“I think Anfisa Letyago or whoever on her behalf has very cheekily and irreverently crossed all those limits by far,” Shuttle added.

Listen to ‘Parola (Rework)’ and ‘Rosso Profondo’ below.

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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