Aural introduces new ‘Sonic Metamorphosis’ record, created entirely from the natural world


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Aural has shared his new album, ‘Sonic Metamorphosis’.

Navigating a dreamscape-like world of ambient and experimental sounds, the record might possibly boast the title of being an auditory exploration of the natural world like no other. Each track is crafted from the biodata of live plans and field recordings by the Berlin-based musician.

You can find an example of how the recording works here.

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“I’ve recorded the signals of different plants and taken field recordings in different places around Tanzania and the Serengeti area,” Aural explains on the record’s creation. “I then used those signals to let the plants play and recreate their own environment. I wanted to reproduce the natural order with its false calmness, the tranquility of an African sunset, the vastness of landscapes and the sense of space and time loss. The impressions and emotions I’ve felt in those places served as glue for these tracks.

“With this album I wanted to showcase different shades of ambient music and really push the boundaries of the genre. It is not ‘just the soothing warmth’ that people usually expect, but more a conceptualised work that brings the listener’s attention to aspects of nature to reconnect the soul and has potential to expand the consciousness of minds.”

The tracks meander between the shift from day to night, drawing upon the areas’ natural beauty, but also their “eerie” tranquility. Synths mimic calls of hidden creatures, and more the nighttime-focused cuts feel serenading, with pulsating rhythms creating portraits in a unique, sonic way.

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You can check out ‘Sonic Metamorphosis’ by Aural now here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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