Azu Tiwaline and Shinigami San curate 23-track compilation of Tunisian electronic music

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Producers Azu Tiwaline and Shinigami San have curated a new 23-track compilation of Tunisian electronic music.

It comes as part of New York ambient label Air Texture’s ‘Place:’ series, with ‘Place: Tunisia’ being released on March 24.

All of the tracks are produced by Tunisian artists, including contributions from Tiwaline and San themselves, with styles ranging from broken beat, to experimental and ambient, with the pair tapping into a variety of different artists – from score composers to electronic music producers.

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In a statement about the upcoming compilation, Air Texture wrote: “As old veterans of electronic deep explorations [Tiwaline and San] are driven by the aim to provide a general view and an état des lieux of the electronic microcosm of this scene supporting its different directions and creative aspects.

“This compilation is an invitation to have a deep dig into electronic Tunisia,” it continued.

“The artists curated to participate represent different backgrounds and musical perspectives. From score composers to established producers, crossing the path of more experimental ones the curators offer a large view of the ensemble of the different electronic approaches in Tunisia.

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“Different generations are also meeting through this compilation, regrouping almost four decades of producers and sonic creators.”

‘Place: Tunisia’ will be Air Texture’s eighth compilation in the ‘Place:’ series, with the other locations so far being represented being Colombia, Ecuador, Georgia, Nairobi, The Netherlands, Vancouver and France.

For each release in the series, all proceeds are donated to a local environmental organisation, with the group chosen for ‘Place: Tunisia’ being La Ruche, which is an organisation based in Tozeur, South Tunisia.

Listen to ‘Blow’ by Nuri taken from the compilation below.

Pre-order ‘Place: Tunisia’ here.

Full tracklist:

Root – ‘Everything’

Briki – ‘Atmocid’

Skander Jaïbi – ‘To those who left us too early, but were ever-present since, and will live on forever, through you and me’

SKNDR – ‘A Life of Hope & Sadness’

Azu Tiwaline – ‘Ethereal Tribes’

DJ Mourad – ‘Eclipse’

D3M0R – ‘Lost Highway’

Hedi Fahem – ‘Hazey’

Mash – ‘Lurid Chains’

Tawfik – ‘Mainnet’

Buried Alive – ‘Untitled’

Shinigami San – ‘Higgs’

Ratchopper – ‘Cubasse Project’

Omar Aloulou – ‘The Will to Life’

Near Stoic – ‘Blossom’

Hamdi RydEr – ‘Nu Bass’

Dawan – ‘Endless Fight’

Rajol – ‘FM vibe’

Mostafa Kölz – ‘Diurne’

Puritanist – ‘Soulameya’

Nuri – ‘Blow’

Hannah Schheider – ‘Whole again’

Nuri – ‘Blow (Hidden Dancer Remix)’

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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