Behringer teases new Yamaha DX7-style prototype

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Behringer has teased a model prototype for a new hybrid synth that features a built-in CS-80 analogue filter and a drum machine.

In a Facebook post made on Friday July 7, the Behringer page admin wrote: Our “obsessed product magician Miguel … handed me this synth prototype.

“He said ‘you need to know that this synth is on no roadmap, no business plan and even Uli doesn’t know about it. I have designed this in my spare time and I just wanted to share this secretly with you. It’s a DX7 on steroids as it has an authentic CS-80 analog filter, a drum machine built in and a few other cool features.’”

The post continued to read, in what appears to be a joking tone, that: “I promised Miguel to keep it confidential so when I share this with you, make sure you don’t share it with anyone else, otherwise I’ll be in big trouble.

“We promised to never make this synth as the world surely doesn’t need another DX7, or does it?”.

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Behringer has a long practice of encouraging ideas and contributions from supporters with the phrase “We hear you” frequently appearing on the companies website and socials through captions or hashtags.

Despite this, the company has sometimes teased gear that never actually gets released to the public. As such it’s unclear whether or not fans will ever get their hands on this nifty piece of machinery; at this point, nothing else is known about the device bar what’s been revealed on the Facebook post.

The hybrid synth prototype is largely based on the legendary Yamaha DX7 model, which has been used extensively by renowned musicians such as Brian Eno, including to create ambient contributions for his 1983 album ‘Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks’ and while producing records for U2 and Coldplay.

According to the comments on the prototypes Instagram post, people are keen to get their hands on the device, with one commenter writing “Stop the hype when and where !!!”

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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