Berlin’s OBXENE collective announces its forthcoming birthday party


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Berlin’s OBXENE collective has announced its forthcoming birthday celebrations, set to take place in the city on April 25 with a line-up featuring a mixture of its residents and guests.

Nothing Left, Skungal, Tinco, XHousted and Rondale are programmed for the non-conformist party, which proposes itself as a part of juxtapositions of darkness and light, beauty and ugliness, and “constructive destruction to reconstruct harmony, hope and empowerment”. At its core, OBXENE strives to exist as a new-gen “haven” for minority groups and vulnerable communities, embracing the multi-faceted nature of art and music.

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“Our project started as a rebellion,” founder Joao Reis explains. “From the beginning, we never conformed and continued to organise unique moments. With the reopening of clubs, we adapted to this reality and organised some events at the legendary re:mise alongside some raves in secret locations.

“Since the closure of re:mise, we have been forced to seek a new home,” Reis continues, addressing the recent difficulties faced by many in club culture. “This new challenge has been demanding, and we have been doing our best to survive. This new reality has forced us to be creative and to organise events in the least expected places. Given these challenges, we couldn’t be happier to celebrate our third anniversary at zur klappe, a legendary former cruising gay toilet beneath Yorkstrasse in Kreuzberg.

“While the current situation remains unpredictable and keeps challenging our project and mission, rest assured that we will keep working hard to survive and will never compromise on the quality and creativity of our events. Moreover, we want to work with all of you to create a truly groundbreaking, dynamic, and inclusive experience for all our supporters and to make you all smile.”

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Tickets for OBXENE’s birthday party are available here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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