Breaka announces forthcoming enthralling EP ‘Like Water’

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Breaka has announced his forthcoming EP, ‘Like Water’, set for release on June 2.

The two-tracker is the first self-release by the producer and DJ of 2023, available via his own Breaka Recordings, typifying his signature leftfield club sound through each cut.

Opening with ‘Like Water to a fish’ and shifting into ‘Lime Bike Elf Bar’, the record takes inspiration from trance, breakbeat, juke and aspects of techno. In classic Breaka fashion, its overwhelming takeaway is the integration of varied genres with UK-driven sounds.

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“I wrote these two tracks towards the end of 2022,” he explains. “The idea was to combine my excitement for some of the new wave of trance-y trippy techno with my existing palette of UK driven sounds.

“I wanted my first proper 4×4 tune to feel natural and flowing despite having quite choppy rhythms and intense harmonies,” he adds on opener ‘Like Water to a fish’. “From my perspective it acts as a bridge between breakbeat-y stuff and the faster side of trance, techno and juke.

“The tongue in cheek name ‘Lime Bike Elf Bar’ comes from the two widespread phenomena of the 2020s, I just love how those four words together would’ve meant nothing a few years ago but to me, they now feel evocative of a Gen-Z kid trying to make their way in the world. I find that although it’s rolling and heavy, at the same time it can bring some much needed air to the dancefloor.”

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Breaka – ‘Like Water’ is available to pre-order now, do so now here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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