Brussels club Fuse could be forced to close due to noise complaints

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Brussels venue Fuse could be forced to close permanently due to noise complaints, which the venue says have come from just one neighbour.

The 29-year-old club, one of Belgium’s oldest and most beloved, will shut temporarily as of today while it awaits the results of an appeal.

“After almost 29 years of existence, Fuse has received from the Brussels Regional Administration the immediate order to play music at a maximum of 95 dB and to close its doors at 2:AM,” reads a statement from Fuse on social media, posted on Thursday, January 12.

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Fuse added that this would make it “impossible” for the venue to continue to open. “The club will remain closed from today,” they stated.

According to the club, Fuse had back-and-forth with a neighbour over the course of several years and made efforts to improve the venue’s soundproofing through “significant isolation works”. Despite efforts to compromise, the problem remained.

“Fuse has introduced an appeal against this decision at the Milieucollege / Collège d’Environnement, and a decision is expected by January 25,” the club confirmed. Following news of the club’s temporary closure, a petition has also been launched to save the venue attempting to meet 25,000 signatures.

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“It is very regrettable that an iconic club gathering thousands of music lovers and artists, employing ten people during the week and 80 employers during the weekend, is put at stake because of one neighbour.”

Opened in 1994, Fuse has become one of Belgium’s most celebrated nightlife spots built in the home of a former cinema.

“It is clear that the closing of Fuse Club and the parties it hosts also has an impact on the local economy, foreign tourism and Brussels cultural life. We call on the competent regional authorities to reverse this decision.”

Sign the petition to save Fuse Club here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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