Brussels’ Fuse confirms it will reopen for two years “under very strict conditions”

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Brussels’ Fuse nightclub has announced it will reopen for two years after being forced to close earlier this year due to noise complaints.

The Brussels Regional Administration (Brussel Leefmilieu/ Bruxelles Environnement) requested for the nightclub that has been running for almost three decades to close after Fuse claimed that just one neighbour reported a noise complaint.

This week, however, the decision to close the club was reviewed with the results allowing Fuse to reopen “under very strict conditions”.

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In a statement Fuse explains that the club is allowed to reopen for two years before having to move from its current location.

With “very restrictive conditions” the club now has new rules which include, no more weekends running three nights and will only occasionally be able to open until 7:AM – with 9:AM – 5:PM as standard – which Fuse mentioned was a “main attractive element for tourists to come to Brussels.”

Music levels will now be reduced in the first and last hours of events yet the club say they are “afraid” that it will close again as it “it won’t be possible to work with these levels.”

Speaking with Mixmag, Fuse say: “The good thing is that we are working on mid/longterm solutions with the government, the Nigh Council and the Brussels By Night Federation.”

The comment continues: “The club is back open, the party is on again (upcoming parties can be found here), but the short term treat is still lingering on us. It’s now the time to protect cultural institutions like Fuse in particular and the vibrant Brussel club scene at large. It’s definitely a pivotal moment for nightlife in our country. Will electronic music finally be seen as real culture? Or do they keep us into the fringes of society?”

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The Brussels By Night Federation had previously launched a petition to support the club, which gained around 65,000 signatures.

Fuse points out that the petition had a “clear message” which was: “club culture should be recognized as authentic culture, and one person buying an adjacent house 17 years after the existence of the club should not have the power to put their own interests ahead of those of many thousands of others.”

The statement concludes: “We call again on the competent authorities to take swift and determined action to protect our beloved clubbing scene and urge the Brussels government to act and create the necessary adjustments to the laws.

“We want to express our biggest gratitude to all who have shown their support for our cause. Your efforts keep us going and make our scene so unique.”

Read the full statement from Fuse below and check out upcoming events at the nightclub here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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