Call Super shares new EP ‘Swallow Me’

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Call Super has released their latest EP, ‘Swallow Me’, available via Can You Feel The Sun.

The two-tracker, which dropped on Wednesday, sparkles with the lead tune of namesake to the EP, featuring the unique vocal range of opera singer Kamala Sankaram.

Super was drawn to her voice, and began splicing recordings of her performances during DJ sets, with the positive audience reception resulting in the producer’s decision to sample Sankaram on lead track ‘Swallow Me’.

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The track balances the ancient primal sounds of Sankaram’s falsetto replicating the Anient Greek ololyga with Super’s trademark futuristic experimental electronics, and is a shining focal point for their latest release.

“Thank you to Kamala for your work, it’s clearly so inspiring, and for being supportive of this, which is humbling,” the producer and DJ wrote in tribute on their Instagram when the EP dropped.

Also featuring on the EP is the tender, yet urgent, ‘I Love Like Your Men’. Inspired by personal events, art and writing, it adds to the heartfelt emotion poured into the two-tracker.

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“When we are young we show our love by emulating those we love,” says Super on the EP. “Tributes, respect, adoration, getting lost in things. Trying to become a person we wish to be. Hold that process and don’t be afraid to let it always hold you too.”

Accompanying hypnotic visuals for lead track ‘Swallow Me’ are available now too, with you can check out below:

Or, you can get your hands on the full digital version of EP ‘Swallow Me’ here, with vinyl editions landing on October 28.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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