Cassius Select announces album under new LAVURN alias

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Cassius Select, AKA Lavurn Lee, has announced the debut, self-titled album of his new alias LAVURN with the lead single ‘Mezzanine’.

Out on DJ Plead and T.Morimoto’s Sumac label, ‘Mezzanine’ is accompanied by a music video made by LA-based digital artist 011668.

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In a cryptic message, underneath the video, 011668 says:

“I have just received an anonymous zip titled LAVURN from User-cassius_1 (not sure if LAVURN is an acronym or the name of the intended recipient). The contents of the file include a series of codes, coordinates and diagrams detailing the inner architecture of all European Institutions currently in possession of contested artefacts. Run application “LAVURN” to be integrated into the web broswer. Use highly elastic astral gaussian splatting to locate and return the stolen artefacts.”

The record will be the first release where Lee has used his own name, reflecting the emotive and personal nature of the forthcoming project.

While he has established as an important figure within dance music as Cassius Select through his leftfield bass productions on esteemed labels like Unknown to the Unknown, Accidental Jnr, Hypercolour, Banoffee Pies and more, Lavurn Lee has always had an inclination towards making his “own type of pop music.”

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In 2018, Lee released an album under another alias, Fake, which voiced the displacement the Toronto native felt living in Sydney for the past seven years, with Toronto’s rise in the rap scene heightening his feelings of geographical disconnect.

The new LAVURN project marks a new direction in that it is the “first time I’m writing about my own life in a literal sense,” reveals Lee.

“I spent years writing love songs having never been in a relationship. Whereas this feels very raw as a reflection of my experiences. To me, the album sounds insular because it was made that way, in isolation.”

While most of the lyrical content of the album addresses the fallout after a breakup, LAVURN is “an album about self-love,” with the Toronto native learning “that making music can be a kind of self-care” during the creative process.

Pre-order ‘LAVURN’ here

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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