Catching Up With Cosmic Gate: A Journey Through Two Decades of Trance Music Mastery

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Where are you both in the world right now?
We have a little break in the booking schedule before the big MOSAIIK tour starts end of February. We are actually in Bali and NYC enjoying some down time before things get back into the usual travel mode with the first show at EDC Mexico end of February and non stop from then on, we can’t wait!
What was the last club you both played at and which country was it in?
We played Time nightclub in OC California last weekend. It’s always great fun, we play there for so many years. Fun fact, the video of “Exploration Of Space (Back 2 The Future Remix)” was shot at its predecessor club when it was still called “Sutra”, lots of good memories, even more as Nic lived in the area for several years, it always feels a bit like home for us to come to OC.

How did you both meet and how did you come up with the name Cosmic Gate?
We were both releasing music under several monikers on the same label back in the mid 90s in Germany. By chance the two of us landed in a studio together, and without any plan justjammed around and somehow ended producing this fun tune. Not much thinking about it, a CD copy landed at EMI Germany and they wanted to sign it, so we needed a name for just another project which we thought at this moment. The song which was “The Drums”, had those spacy sounding sequences in it so we thought we go down that road in regards of the project name as well. after some brainstorming we thought Cosmic Gate might be cool, not even thinking about it much,as said it was just another side project for us at that time. 4 months later “The Drums” and even more the follow up singles “Exploration Of Space” and “Fire Wire” exploded and we were starting to get booked all around the world. Cosmic Gate was born, the rest is history… 😊
What would you say was the golden moment in your music career?
Wow, that’s a really hard question. Llooking back on 24 years of Cosmic Gate now, there were so many “golden moments”, like the Grammy Nomination for our remix of “The Only Road”, the top 10 chart entry of “Fire Wire” in the UK and several other chart hits we achieved. Many golden moments at festivals worldwide, or recently the success of our new sound and the livestreams on YouTube who made this all happen. But if we have to pick one, maybe that one moment in 1998, Nic and me met by coincidence in a studio an produced “The Drums”, as just described in the previous question. Without that, everything else would have never happened. You’ve both worked with lots of different artists over the years but who was you favourite to work with, and why?
It sure is not fair to so many other fantastic artists we should mention here as well, but the person maybe inspiring us the most when working, as a person and artist, is the unbelievable talented JESHer voice, songwriting, stage performance, she is always on point, never ceases to amaze us. Trance is blessed with such a unique artist to dedicate her whole career sticking true to this genre that she is such a important leader in.
What projects do you have coming up this year?
On March 3rd the second part of our MOSAIIK Chapter Two album will be released, this is the big thing we been focussing on for pretty much the last year. A big worldwide tour will follow, see you guys where ever you are, London on March 10th at the Ministry Of Sound club is one of the first shows, we can’t wait 

What’s your favourite thing or things to do in London when you’re both here?
Unfortunately there is never enough time, but shopping in London sure is not bad! :)

When was the first time you played in the Box at Ministry of Sound and what made it so special?
We already played for Ministry when it was in its first venue numerous times, but yeah, the box… If you think of a club, the box might be exactly what you want as a DJ! Not too big but certainly not too small, the low ceilings gives it that special vibe, the light and sound is just amazing, pure energy every single time! if you haven’t checked it out, come to London with your friends and enjoy a great time, we promise you will not regret to check it out!
When you’ve played at Ministry of Sound in the past was there any tracks back then that you still play now when you come to London, if so… What tracks are they?
That might be “Fire Wire”, one of our biggest tunes worldwide, but in the UK it always goes especially strong, and Ministry is no exception :)

Lastly, what can you promise fans ahead of your set on Friday 10th March?
Plenty of new MOSAIIK music plus some CG fan favourites meet what’s hot and new, we can’t wait to see you in the Box!

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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