Catching Up With Ferry Corsten

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Where are you in the world right now?
I’m at home right now in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

What was the last club you played at and which country was it in?
This was last weekend at La Otra during Miami Music Week. Obviously in Miami, USA

Past or present, are there any venues you’d love to perform at?
Ageha Tokyo and Exchange LA are clubs I’m looking forward to play again. And of course Ministry!

Your stage shows have always been a spectacle from Full On Ferry to Blueprint. Can you give us an idea of what to expect from you at MoS?
I will be doing my What The F show. This is my open to close event where I play only my own music all night long. You will go on a crazy trip through time and all the genres I have produced throughout my career. Expect some cool mashups as well

You’ve been doing music for over a decade. Throughout it all, how do you maintain and sustain your passion for what you do?
For over 2 decades even, haha. I always look for fresh and exciting things in new genres and combine that with my own style. I just love it when blending different vibes leads to a totally new surprise.

 Whilst your background is synonymous with trance music your latest project will demonstrate the full versatility of your musical range. What else can we expect from you?
I am currently working on a new Ferry Corsten album on which I combine the melodic part of trance with other genres as I have always done. Besides new Ferry Corsten music I am also working on a new FERR Album. FERR is my ambient passion project.

You are returning to the iconic Ministry of Sound. What’s your relationship with MoS, why is this venue the “dream starting destination”?
Ministry of Sound has played a major roll since the start of my career, so it feels like home to me. Besides that it is world famous and attracts clubbers from all over the world. With London being such a global destination you will always have a great and diverse crowd.

Finally… What can you promise fans ahead of your set on Friday 31st March? Will you be playing any new music?
What The F is all about my own music only. Old, current and unreleased as well as never to be released tracks which you will only hear during this show.

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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