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Where are you in the world right now?
I’m in Cancun, Mexico and I just played an awesome show on the beach.

What was the last club you played at and which country was it in?
Story Nightclub in Miami, it was a fun time.

Could you speak more on your newest single?
Yes of course, ‘Major Lazer’ is a collaboration with Quarterhead. They had the vocals and I thought it was so catchy and wanted to develop it.

In three words, describe the minute before you walk on stage.
Exciting X3

It’s been a while since your Dharma Worldwide label launched. Did things go as planned or did you have to steer off course a few times?
That’s an interesting question. There were definitely times where we had to chase down records and hustle to get the songs we wanted to release. It wasn’t as easy as people sending us content, but nonetheless, I wouldn’t say that we steered off course – I’m really happy with how Dharma is turning out.

I want to ask 1 non-music related question, with you being on the road so much, you get to taste so many unique foods. Where is your favorite food from?
Indian food is 100% my favorite food, but I also love Mexican cuisine. I mean, there are a lot of similarities like tortillas, beans, and rice. So yeah, Indian and Mexican cuisines are definitely two of my favorites. 

How do you wind down after a gig?
It kind of depends on the show. Sometimes I come right back to the hotel and go to sleep, and other times, I feel like partying and keeping the moment alive. Typically, I’ll  go out and try to catch the vibe of the city I’m in.

You’ve played different venues and spaces all around the world but what do you prefer playing at, festivals or clubs and why?
You know, they are really different. But I guess I’ve been enjoying playing clubs more, as I’ve been experimenting with my set list being less rigid. For a long time I wanted the set list to be “set in stone” before I go on stage, as I wanted to be perfectly prepared. Right now I’m letting go of that little bit, and it has been especially fun when I play club shows. 

What projects do you have coming up this year?
I am currently working on a hip-hop album featuring all Indian rappers, and I am super excited about it! Apart from that, I’ll be releasing songs here and there, and really just having fun and living my best life.

Finally… What can you promise fans ahead of your set on Friday 21st April, will you be playing any unreleased music?
Absolutely. I’ll definitely be playing some new songs, new edits, and new mash-ups. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve, it’s going to be a great time! 

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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