Catching Up With Nicky Romero

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Where are you in the world right now?
At my home in the Netherlands! Just got back from tour in Mexico and the US, so taking a bit of a rest now before getting back on the road.
What was the last club you played at and which country was it in?
That was Hakkasan Nightclub in Las Vegas. Always a sick venue to play! Also played EDC Mexico about two days ago which was also unbelievable.
What would you say was the golden moment in your career?
I think seeing the success of “I Could Be The One” is definitely one of the highlights. Still to this day everywhere I play the song, everyone sings along and knows all the lyrics from start to end.
What projects/plans do you have coming up in 2023?
Of course I will be touring the world again, but I’ve definitely got some other exciting things coming up. For example, you can expect a collab with Nico & Vinz which releases the day before my show in the Ministry of Sound. Also, I’m going to do my first ever solo show in Amsterdam at the end of this year, and that is going to be huge! It’s called Nightvision, so make sure you’ll be there!
You’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the dance music industry but who did you enjoy working with the most, and why?
That is such a hard question because all of the collabs mentioned have something special and unique. Maybe it is cool to mention the collab I did with Nile Rodgers, who is such a big legend. It was something completely out of the box for me, and surely something I’ll never forget.
You run a record label called ‘Protocol Recordings’ and you’ll also be showcasing talent from the label in the 103 room at Ministry of Sound but is there any up and coming talent that we should be looking out for?
Without a doubt! You should check out guys like DØBER, Timmo Hendriks, Lukas Vane. But there’s so many others. We also launched Protocol Lab a little while ago, which is a sub-label for all upcoming talent.
What’s your favourite thing about Ministry of Sound in London?
The venue always brings something special. The crowd always goes wild, and the atmosphere just has something unique that always makes me excited to be back at the MOS. Just legendary.
When you’ve performed at Ministry of Sound in the past, were there any tracks back then that you still play now, if so… What tracks are they?
Lots of them, I always like to bring back some classics to my set. Of course “I Could Be The One” will always remain, but other classics like “Toulouse” or “Deep Dark Jungle” (which is more recent) are still played regularly!
If House (music) is a spiritual thing, who is its prophet?
Probably Mozes
What does your music smell like?
Chicken Nuggets?
What was the first song/album you bought with your own money?
That was probably a Michael Jackson record.
What would your Tinder bio say?
Last time someone was my type I was donating blood.
Best way to cure a hangover?
Drink another one

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What’s your secret weapon to rescue a dancefloor?
Play “Techtronic
Who’s the biggest party animal in dance music?
Timmy Trumpet really knows how to get a party started
You can only ever DJ B2B with one other person for the rest of your life who would it be?
Martin Garrix
You can only ever play one record again for the rest of your life, what is it? 
It would be the X&Y album from Coldplay
If you could live in any other place and time, when and where would you pick?
I’d just go back to the time when there were no phones and people were just living in the moment
Teetotal or tearing it up?
Teetotal for sure
What job would you do if you werent a musician?
Probably a pro-gamer or ICT guy haha
Would you rather all your burps smell of eggs, or have a green cloud appear when you fart?
I’ll go for the green cloud, those egg smells are the worst
What’s your biggest non-musical interest?
Think that must be gaming! Although during COVID times i’ve also reinvented the fun of Lego, so thats also up there.
You’re forming a cheesy pop group in the vein of Five, Steps, Spice Girls. Your group must sing and do choreographed dance routines. Which other 3 DJs do you want in your band?
Timmy Trumpet, James Hype & Fred Again….
Q: If 6 = 2(x+2), what is x?
Think this should be 1 haha, but it’s been a long time since my math lessons…
Why do lots of DJs wear masks? What’s the deal with that?
Not sure actually, never done that apart from the Toulouse mask. But guess makes people curious and makes an artist mysterious
What’s the most expensive thing you own?
My house
Where is the strangest place you’ve DJed?
I played inside an abandoned plane in Romania last year, that must de one of the weirdest but also most epic locations i’ve ever played

What’s one piece of advise you would give your younger self?
To not get too distracted by the fact everyone has an opinion on you and the things you do!

Finally… What can you promise fans ahead of your set at Ministry of Sound on Saturday 11th March?
Lots of new ID’s, good vibes and good music. Be there!

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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