CC:DISCO! shares first ever solo single, ‘Chez Moi (Waiting For You)’

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CC:Disco has shared her debut solo single, ‘Chez Moi (Waiting For You)’, via Phantasy.

The producer, DJ and curator has roped in Confidence Man‘s Janet Planet on vocals, to comprise a dancefloor-ready cut packed with romanticism and euphoria.

Its bumping bassline, balearic chords and chipper percussives build to their crescendo before CC:DISCO! introduces Planet’s elated vocals, with their chopped-up nature and hints of Latin freestyle.

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A bonus inclusion is the deeper cut ‘Out Of Your Mind’. Nodding to the dancefloors of New York, such as Sound Factory and Danceteria, it is sophisticated in its rolling, layered manner which pays tribute to the character of house music.

“‘Chez Moi’ EP is a nod to all the times I danced in the sunshine at festivals,” explains CC:DISCO!. “When I look back they will always be the best time of my life, dancing with friends while the sun is setting without a worry in the world. It’s giving 90s New York-meets-Italy with a modern twist.

“This record is particularly special to me because I started production 10 years ago and gave up but last year my girls kept encouraging me to get back in the game and that’s how this EP was born. Who better to have on it than my dancing partner and life coach Janet Planet? ‘Chez Moi’ captures the exact moment we met six years ago. It was love at first sight. Picture it: a remote island in Australia with jet skis and dancing in the sand whilst the sun set. ‘Chez Moi’ is that moment captured in song form, forever.”

The release follows a plethora of transcendent DJ sets from CC:DISCO!, and her curation of two editions of the First Light Compilation, showcasing strains of disco, house, jazz and off-kilter pop. Her meticulous instincts for curation, it feels, are now channelled into her solo works.

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‘Chez Moi (Waiting For You)’ from CC:DISCO! is available now via Phantasy, check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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