Chlär returns to his Primal Instinct imprint with ‘Modern Survival’ EP

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Chlär has returned to his Primal Instinct label with EP ‘Modern Survival’.

Having christened the imprint as Funk Assault in summertime with the ‘Minimum One Post A Week’ EP, Chlär’s solo affair once again takes a tongue-in-cheek approach with its track titles. This time, he explores a modern recontextualisation of humanity’s hierarchy of needs.

Sonically, the EP boasts classic Chlär hardgroove touches, with crunchy basslines, syncopated bleeps, whirling synths and distorted vocal one-shots. It navigates light and dark, with names such as ‘Internet Soulmate’ and ‘Competitive Influencing’ reinforcing the record’s theme.

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“In an era where technology entwines our everyday existence, where the virtual realm shapes our interactions, and where the pursuit of influence takes centre stage comes an EP that delves deep into the modern tapestry of human existence,” Chlär says on the record.

“‘Modern Survival’ is not merely a collection of songs and visual clips, but a poignant reflection on the intricate dance between our primal instincts and the brave new world we navigate today. The EP invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and reflection, prompting them to ponder the fundamental essence of our existence in an environment of fast-paced technological evolution.”

“This 4-trackers embodies the recent artistic direction that has been brewing within me for some time, defined by the values of Primal Instinct,” he added on his Instagram. “It encapsulates the very essence of my musical soul and approach to production and will serve as a landmark for my future instalments.”

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‘Modern Survival’ by Chlär is available now, check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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