Copenhagen nightclub and community events space ​MOTOPOL to close this week

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Copenhagen nightclub MOTOPOL is set to close its doors this week, after organisers were denied permission to throw cultural events within the Laplandsgade-based former auto repair shop.

The community-run events space first opened last year, with municipal authorities approving plans due to a “demand for more culture spaces” in the Danish capital.

However, despite receiving support from the local council and the venue’s landlord, MOTOPOL was issued a 14-day notice to close its doors last week (February 8).

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“It is with heavy hearts that we announce the closure of our venue at Laplandsgade 6B,” the organisers wrote on social media.

MOTOPOL is set to host a closing-down party this Friday (February 16), which it has named “Hello, and welcome to my funeral.”

Running from 22:PM till late , the tickets cost 150 DKK and attendees are required to sign up via a Facebook link.

The farewell party will feature 10 sets from Gavnlig, Anna Logic, DJ 2LATE and more.

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“Join us as we put the fun in funeral, and celebrate the epic, if short lived life of our beloved culture house/auto repair shop,” the event description reads.

Since its opening in 2023, MOTOPOL has hosted events such as “Techno Yoga,” film festivals, community dinners, markets, fundraisers, nightlife events and more.

MOTOPOL told supporters it will continue to host workshops, community dinners, and nightlife events at other venues.

To sign up for MOTOPOL’s farewell party, click here

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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