Cosmic Pineapple announces move to Cova Santa for seven summer dates

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Long-running mini festival Cosmic Pineapple has announced its return for 2024 under theme ‘Sirius’, as it moves from Pikes Ibiza to its new home of Cova Santa, and shared the charity it’ll be working with throughout the season.

Things kick off on June 6 this year with events thrown on seven dates between this date and September 19, and DJs on the line-up across the four months include Eclair Fifi, Nightmares On Wax, Ellen Allien, Heidi, William Djoko, 25 Years of Robert Johnson, Ceri and more. Check the full line-up here.

In true Cosmic Pineapple fashion, though, things don’t stop at the music. Although a central focus to the party, the daytime of each event will offer live art, a healing area and creative market, whilst post-11:PM sees fancers head indoors and enter what has been dubbed the ‘Space Rave’

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“I am so excited to move Cosmic Pineapple to Cova Santa,” explains founder Kim Booth. “This space and the concept of cosmic, feel a perfect match. The Cosmic Pineapple events are curated in such a way that it’s a meeting of different cultures, tribes and traditions.

“I am originally from a council estate in England, where everything is incredibly raw and real. I also have a strong spiritual connection that was first awakened on the dancefloor. Mostly through music, I have been very fortunate to travel around the world and this, alongside a fascination for esoteric learning, has led me to receive teachings and inspiration from different schools of wisdom. I weave all this together in the energy of the curation of Cosmic Pineapple and it’s this mix of energies that make it special.

“The DJs involved in Cosmic are not only great DJs, but are also strong artists in what they stand for. Many I worked with in my time in electronic music PR! The same as the healers, artists and the many different creatives and wisdom sharers at Cosmic. I am strongly inspired by the quote from Carl Jung – ‘the meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed’ – and this inspires the whole concept and curation. All of our stories are strong and we all weave together in the great web of oneness. We are all different, yet the same. This is after all what music does – the unifying force and a language beyond words. Just as my story led to this, ours all led to each others and together we co-create a new story.”

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EarthPercent is also a partner for this year’s proceedings, in which a portion of each ticket sale will be donated to the charity.

You can head here to get your ticket for Cosmic Pineapple at Cova Santa, Ibiza, now here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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