Dear Reality launches new three-dimensional reverb plugin EXOVERB

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Dear Reality have launched EXOVERB, a brand-new three-dimensional audio reverb plugin.

The company, part of the Sennheiser Group, have added spatial audio technology to traditional reverb, allowing for greater control over the depth of sound, giving producers more control and more true-to-life sounding productions.

EXOVERB uses traditional pure stereo technology, and works on all playback systems – speakers, hi-fi systems and headphones.

Achim Fell, co-CEO of Dear Reality said: “Though spatial audio technology offers new perspectives on sound and the listener’s immersion, it is often overlooked that stereo can produce an immersive sound field with realistic depth, too – if done right.”

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“With EXOVERB, we unlock this capability by applying the fundamentals of our spatial audio technology to our first pure stereo reverb plugin,” he continued.

The interface is headed up by a triangle pad, with Early Level, Late Level and Dry/Wet axes to allow for simple, east to see adjustments to the reverb. There are also 50 pre-set “acoustic scenarios” from four categories: Ambiences, Rooms, Spaces and Plates.

“The perception of auditory events is inseparably linked with their position in space,” said Felix Lau, the Product Owner at Dear Reality. “The fascination for this relationship between the position of sound in space and how its position is perceived and recreated by the listener’s brain is what has brought me into spatial audio in the first place.

“With EXOVERB, we are now making this relation in space accessible for stereo productions,” he continued.

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There is also a 3-band EQ built in to the software, flexible reverb length and adjustable decay time from 50% to 150%.

Spatial audio is a group of effects that can manipulate the location sources of sounds, making it appear as if sound is coming from different directions – behind you, next to you or in front of you.

EXOVERB costs $99 + local VAT, with a 14-day free trial available at Dear Reality’s official website.

Dear Reality was founded in 2014 by Achim Fell and Christian Sander, focusing on delivering high-quality, cutting-edge 3D audio software for interactive and linear audio production. The company was acquired by the Sennheiser Group in 2019.

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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