Denzel Curry wants to “experiment” with electronic music

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Denzel Curry has shared his desire to “experiment” with electronic music, while replying to a fan on twitter last week (July 22).

The Florida-born rapper took to Twitter to answer the question from @itshjlol: “Is there any genres of music you want to experiment with in the near future?” to which he simply replied “Electronic.”

Though Curry has mostly focused on hip hop thus far, he has previously collaborated with Destructo (aka Gary Richards) for the track ‘Bandz’, andh ghetto house producer BIJOU on the track ‘FTP’.

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During the interview for his Mixmag Cover last year, Denzel shared that he was a fan of drum ‘n’ bass, curating a d’n’b-heavy Cover Playlist. “I really love d’n’b,” he said. “So I wanted to do a mix of old and new.”

Fans were clearly excited about the possibility of a move to electronic, with one fan replying “Bruh i’d die if you make this happen.”

Another supporter wrote “Need a @denzelcurry jungle project”, while a third begged him to “stop f`*cking around and drop that new genre already”.

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A few rap stars have begun dabbling in the electronic music scene; Drake has regularly begun to incorporate smooth, groove worthy house music elements into his work, a precedent beginning with the tech-house dance album ‘Honestly, Nevermind’ in June 2022.

Megan Thee Stallions sophomore album, ‘Traumazine’ also incorporated house music production from Chicago-born music producer/DJ Whethnan and Dwilly. The track ‘HER’ particularly stands out as an innovative “hip-house” track.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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