DJ Gigola takes an introspective turn on upcoming album ‘Fluid Meditations’

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DJ Gigola has shared her latest single, ‘Gratitude Practice’, taken from her forthcoming album ‘Fluid Meditations’ which is set to be released on February 3 next year.

Her debut album is set to explore the shared aspects of meditation and the dance experience, with Gigola expressing her approach through the spoken word as a lens into guided meditation.

It’ll meander through three aspects of awareness of the now, embodiment and unfolding of the ego, with the tracklist weaving together these concepts chronologically.

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Gigola’s voice is the continual thread from the beginning to the end of the record, which she positions against a background of frequencies, field-recordings and breathing techniques melding with warms of percussion, goa and psytrance.

She is set to debut the full album at Berghain’s 18th birthday on December 11 as a live set, although for those unable to attend, the artist has released penultimate track ‘Gratitude Practice’ and an accompanying visualiser.

“I’ve been playing with the idea of how to fuse meditation practice and nightlife escapism for quite some time now,” explains Gigola. “In my opinion, letting go on the dancefloor can offer the same experience as a group meditation – so it made sense to me to find my personal approach to hybridise both. As an artist I wanted to draw attention to topics I find important such as embodiment and explore elements like guided meditation, field recordings or ASMR to incorporate into electronic music.

“As a DJ and dancer I was simply excited to see what the effect of such a song would be like live on the dance floor. Both have led to the release of ‘Gratitude Practice’ from my upcoming LP ‘Fluid Meditations’.”

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You can pre-order the full digital edition of DJ Gigola’s debut album, available via Live From Earth, now by navigating here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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