DJ Harvey announces he will not be performing at Ibiza’s Pikes this year

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DJ Harvey has announced that he will not be making an appearance in Ibiza this year.

The legendary DJ – who has been synonymous with the White Isle’s legendary Balearic and Italo Disco parties since the ’80s, including his Mercury Rising residency at Pikes – announced the news in a handwritten letter posted to his instagram.

Noting that “Pikes Ibiza is the place to be”, Harvey writes: “Unfortunately, bureaucracy has intervened, and my presence on the white isle will not be felt this year.”

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The statement reassures fans with him concluding: “Nevertheless, Pikes is in safe hands, and I shall return next year to keep that Mercury rising.”

Back in 2016, DJ Harvey spoke with Mixmag about his relationship with Pikes explaining: “Mercury Rising isn’t a retro vibe. I’m not trying to recreate anything. What I’m trying to do is contribute to the lineage of what is possible in Ibiza and then what’s possible in Pikes. It’s a continuum.”

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Despite only starting Mercury Rising at Pikes in 2014 – Harvey has a long history with the San Antonio hotel, in an interview in 2019 he told Mixmag: “I’ve been going to Ibiza for pretty much 30 years now, I visited Pikes possibly on my first visit around 1990, but I was unaware of a lot of the history of the place at the time”

“Everyone knew it was the venue for Wham’s ‘Club Tropicana’ video, and Wham being a really iconic British pop group. Everyone in England knew who Wham was, so it was always very nice to sit in the same place as George and Andrew with a cocktail,” he added.

“But you could feel it was a special place even then,” he shared. “So I regularly visited over the years, popping in for a drink or a party here and there up until the modern age, when Dawn Hindle and Andy McKay became the caretakers of Pikes during Tony Pike’s last few years on the planet. They invited me to come in and do my thing there.

Read DJ Harvey’s full statement below.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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