DJ launches fundraiser to replace broken decks that were “soaked” in urine

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A DJ has launched a fundraiser to help replace his DJ decks which were “soaked” in urine during a rave in November.

Illinois-based DJ NERV MHZ was playing at a Thanksgiving event, “ravesgiving”, which they describe was “lit but someone got too lit”.

An unknown raver urinated above the DJ booth, which according to NERV leaked down onto their DJ decks which were the now discontinued Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000.

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NERV says: “The board [decks] was completely soaked in pee and doesn’t work anymore”.

Due to the damage, they have launched a GoFundMe page for NERV to buy a replacement so that they can “keep raves running hot”.

The fundraiser has a target of $1,500 (£1179.37) and has already reached $505 which was enough for NERV to purchase new DJ decks.

In an update on the fundraiser page NERV has shared an image of his new Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ along with a message thanking donors.

The statement reads: “From the bottom of my heart, a ginormous thank you so much to everyone who donated. To be honest, we did not expect this much support towards this cause but we’re extremely grateful for every single one of you that either shared or donated.”

“Like, $500 is insane! It puts such a huge smile on our faces on how many people can come together and show support in this community.”

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NERV continues: “The DJ board [decks] has been sent in for repair and is being evaluated on whether it can be repaired or not. On the other hand, money was put towards something even greater for our DJs ripping at future shows.”

The updates adds that to celebrate NERV’s new deck they will be releasing a “very special mix” to share “gratitude through an auditory experience.”

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Take a look at the GoFundMe page here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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