Drummer creates 75 new versions of the Amen break

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A drummer has released 75 new versions of the classic Amen break.

Created by musician Merlin Matthews, the sample pack keeps the beat at 136 BPM and includes 11 additional percussion sets.

Known as one of the most sampled beats of all time, the Amen break was originally taken from the 1969 track ‘Amen, Brother’ by The Winstons.

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Drumming for The Winstons was Gregory “G.C.” Coleman who never received any royalties from the track which went on to be used within genres spanning hip hop to jungle.

According to band member Richard Spencer, Coleman passed away in 2006 and was homeless at the time of his death.

In 2015, a fundraiser was set up to remunerate the late artist with proceeds going towards his family.

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For Matthews, he re-created Amen break with a combination of three kicks, five snares and five rides which were selected, treated and re-recorded.

In the product description, Matthews explains that he, “carefully built a recording setup and treated each voice to create the MAXIMUM possible sonic contrast.”

He continues: “And then we painstakingly performed The Amen Break with each and EVERY combination.”

Available via Matthew’s sample library, The Beat Shed, the pack costs £22.50. Check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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