Duke Boara unleashes double LP project, ’11AM/11PM Tapes’

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Multi-instrumentalist Duke Boara has this week unveiled his double LP project, ’11AM/11PM Tapes’.

Consisting of a mega 26 tracks across the split album, it offers a ‘night’ vs ‘day’ approach to audiences. 14 of the tracks are exclusive to the album, which is available on LG105.

The project’s focus track is the uplifting, ambient ‘Evergreen’, which melts a breathy melody with etheral vocal chords and a horn-like keyboard sound. It captures the artist’s instrumental capability, whilst still packing a dance-ready punch.

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Looking towards the album as a whole, the record is a carefully curated amalgamation of genre-bending tracks. ‘Beware the Madman’ injects high-energy breakbeat sounds, whilst ‘Lemon and Lime’ aims to hold onto the dying breaths of summer through its lively house chimes.

Added to this are lo-fi beats, percussive and guitar sounds, plus helpings of the 23-year-old’s piano skills to boot. It’s a real melting pot of sounds, which was the intention of Boara’s from the outset of this project.

“One reason I wanted to put such a big release is that it’s a good reflection of all the different sounds in the music I’ve been making over the past four or five years,” he explains. “Another reason was that there were quite a few demos, making it hard to whittle down which tracks I wanted, which is why it’s so extensive.’

“Evergreen just felt like the standout track out of all the remaining ones. It took me the longest to make, and I think it’s definitely the most emotive so it seems like the right one to choose from.”

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“I’m so excited for all this music to come out. It all feels so good and I’m really happy with the music. I’m just looking forward to people being able to listen to what I’ve been working on for such a long time.”

Some of Boara’s standout tunes are celebrated in the release, too, including recent track ‘Switch’ which has garnered acclaim from names such as Jaguar, who made the tune her ‘Dancefloor Moment’ on her BBC Radio 1 Dance Show. Audiences can also expect to hear tunes from Boara’s discography such as ‘Wairau Bay’, ‘Rain’, and his debut single ‘Focus’.

’11AM/11PM Tapes’ is available now. Get ’11AM’ here, and ’11PM’ here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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