Electronic record label Lost On You has built two schools in Liberia

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Electronic record label, Lost on You, has completed construction on two schools in Liberia.

The imprint and charity project, which aims to improve the lives of people living in deprived communities all over the globe, announced that it has completed work on two schools in the villages of Gbiabo Suken and Jedebiaken.

Set to provide education to 300 children on a budget of £20,000, the two join a primary school in Port Loko, Sierra Leone – which Lost on You completed work on in 2021.

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This year, Lost on You partnered once again with previous collaborators, Street Child, to build two new schools in Liberia — the project successfully certified two teachers, as well as trained a further four teachers in Street Child’s methodology.

To ensure the future stability of the school, the project set up a school-based management committee and income-generating initiative.

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Street Child works in communities to improve the lives of children threatened by violence, neglect and conflict. The charity specialises in creating access to education for children in Africa.

Lost on You donates 100% of its earnings on music sales to charitable causes, alongside showcasing underground artists. With its donations, the label hopes to fight malnutrition, poor health and sanitary problems in the most deprived parts of the world.

The label continues to release “cutting-edge techno music from up-and-coming producers” donating to a handful of additional charities including Against Malaria and Build Africa.

Co-founder Nina Lach told Mixmag, “Together, we’re not just constructing buildings; we’re nurturing dreams and shaping brighter futures for children.”

According to Lach, the label hopes to continue supporting education in the world’s “underserved” regions and build new schools next year.

For more information about Lost on You, visit its official website.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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