Gouver Launches ER3962

today25/01/2024 23

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ER3962 is the new track by our resident DJ and producer GOUVER. The track captures the essence of his DJ sets: energetic drums with glitchy percussion, catchy melodies and a mysterious but lively atmosphere that evolves throughout the song.

GOUVER explains that “the title ER3962 represents a voice from a near future that constantly tells you to ‘comply’ to its demands, which could also reflect how we often live our lives by just following what is imposed on us by authorities that we blindly trust to make our lives easier (do they?)”.

The song conveys this feeling with its dark but passionate chord progression. GOUVER creates a song that makes you feel hopeful, scared and thoughtful at the same time. It is a song that you don’t want to miss.

You can listen to the song on all major platforms through the link


Written by: Tim Hopkins

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