François X shares his artistic evolution in new visualiser for ‘Infinite Anthems’

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François X has shared the new music video for ‘INFINITE ANTHEMS’, the lead track from his recent EP ‘CEO’.

With the record as a whole marking a turning point in the French techno artist’s artistry, ‘INFINITE ANTHEMS’ in particular incorporates influences of pop and rap with a debut of his vocals, too.

Its video solidifies his intentions further, delving into the intricacies of our contemporary world, melding the realms of art, technology and modern society. It tackles economics, capitalism, media influence, information saturation, artificial intelligence and “the relentless pursuit of progess” and their intersections, all reflecting the themes woven into the depths of François’ music.

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The video, filmed on location in Paris La Défense, aims to bridge the gap between the artist and the audience, with its visual elements inviting viewers to a “deeper understanding” of the song’s emotional depth and power.

“‘INFINITE ANTHEMS’ is a pivotal track in my career, symbolising a bold step into uncharted artistic realms,” François X tells Mixmag. “It’s where I blended my techno roots with pop and rap influences, and introduced my voice with auto-tune, a true revelation. This creative leap ignited a passion and sense of accomplishment that spurred me to explore these new horizons.

“Creating a music video for ‘INFINITE ANTHEMS’ is a paramount endeavor. It solidifies this artistic evolution and unveils a fresh facet of my artistry. The video delves deeper into the song’s emotion and aesthetics, intensifying its impact. This project goes beyond a typical music video; it’s a chance to connect with my audience intimately and convey a heartfelt message.”

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You can watch it below:

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