Frank Ocean pulls out of second Coachella headline slot, citing leg injury

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Coachella headliner, Frank Ocean has been removed from performing at the festival’s second weekend on doctor’s advice.

The Sunday slot is now rumoured to be filled by the rock band Blink-182 who were already scheduled to play at the festival.

A representative of the artist according to Pitchfork said that the upcoming show was cancelled due to a leg injury Ocean had suffered on the first weekend of the festival.

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“After suffering an injury to his leg on festival grounds in the week leading up to weekend 1. Frank Ocean was unable to perform the intended show but was still intent on performing, and in 72 hours, the show was reworked out of necessity,” Ocean’s representative said in a statement.

It continued that Ocean has “two fractures and a sprain in his left leg.”

Ocean’s performance at Coachella saw the artist arrive on stage an hour late for unknown reasons which meant that his set was cut short due to festival curfew rules.

His performance was set to be live-streamed but was subsequently scrapped after YouTube confirmed: “Frank Ocean is not scheduled to appear on the Coachella livestream”.

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Reports from Variety claim that the performance was due to involve an ice rink and dozens of skaters yet was suddenly called off.

Two ice skaters who allegedly planned to be involved in the performance have spoken out on a podcast about working with Ocean.

In a statement speaking on last week’s performance according to Pitchfork, Ocean said: “It was chaotic”.

He added: “There is some beauty in chaos. It isn’t what I intended to show but I did enjoy being out there and I’ll see you soon.”

The singer surprised fans during his live performance hinting that a new album is on its way, and will pay tribute to his late brother Ryan Breaux.

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People searching Google for “sell Coachella tickets” more than quadrupled after its opening weekend, jumping by 445%, however since the cancellation, reports that searches to sell tickets have risen by 697% just hours after the announcement.

One fan tweeted: “Why can’t fans nowadays be more sympathetic? Perhaps Frank Ocean failed to deliver the best of him but you don’t have to cancel him as if his performing career is finished. Just let the man get some air. Chill.

Other fans, however, have been less sympathetic for instance one of Ocean’s most well-known fan accounts has posted: “listen. this fanbase is used to receiving crumbs but that doesn’t mean we should accept those crumbs as good and act like we’re grateful for them. frank confirming a new album is otw doesn’t justify the rest of his actions last night.”

Some Coachella-goers have speculated that they might have seen Ocean’s last-ever live performance.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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