​French musician Arnaud Rebotini accused of sexual assault and harassment


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French musician Arnaud Rebotini has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by seven women, per an investigation by Mediapart.

The Black Strobe artist was accused of various counts of harassment over the course of 13 years, the French outlet reports, which allegedly took place at his concerts.

“Seven women testify in Mediapart to having been sexually assaulted and harassed on the sidelines of concerts by the famous French composer,” the publication said in an Instagram post (translated from French).

The women who testified to Mediapart claimed incidents of groping and sexual harassment amongst other accusations, per Resident Advisor, which Rebotini has since denied.

The 53-year-old electroclash artist said in a response to the allegations that he recognises his “heavy, old-fashioned flirting”, but denies any “aggression”.

“If I behaved badly and they suffered trauma, I apologise,” he told the outlet. “These are things I wouldn’t do again, I’ve completely moved on.”

Founding Black Strobe member Ivan Smagghe also told Mediapart that he left the group in 2006 because of Rebotini’s “problematic flirtatious attitudes” and artistic differences, but did not notice any “aggression”.

Joran Le Corre, Rebotini’s tour manager, also claimed that he was aware of the allegations, but explained that in his six years working with the musician, he “never had a venue or festival call to give negative feedback.”

“Friends of mine have suffered things,” he said. “It’s serious, but these are quite old stories. Arnaud is someone who has made a journey of recognition of his bad behaviour, which I sense in repentance.”

Arnaud Rebotini is best known for his work as part of the electroclash group Black Strobe as a record producer and DJ. In 2010, he received the Artist Qwartz Award at the 6th edition of the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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