Funktion-One shares details of updated Berghain soundsystem

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After 18 years of service, Berghain recently upgraded its main room Funktion-One soundsystem to a new set up.

The loudspeaker manufacturer has shared details of the new system exclusively to Mixmag, with founder Tony Andrews revealing that the new system features Funktion-One’s “very latest technological developments.”

“We had the pleasure of working with the brilliant Berghain crew to install a new system in the legendary club,” Andrews told Mixmag. “We utilised the very latest technology we have to offer and were blown away with the dimensional qualities the new system achieves. We hope to enjoy another 18 years of collaboration.”

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Berghain’s original Funktion-One Dance Stack system has been the club’s sound for almost two decades. First introduced in 2005, Andrews travelled to Berlin to install and tune the system — which was legendary for its power and body-shifting bass cabinet, amidst the structural and acoustic challenges of being situated in venue with an 18-metre high metre high ceiling.

The original system was certainly put through its paces and stood the test of time, running on average for 40 hours a week over the last 18 years. That’s a whole load of beats in its lifetime.

Over the last 18 years, the company has developed new loudspeaker technologies, “making significant advancements in audio performance; particularly efficiency, frequency response, accuracy, and stereo imaging capabilities,” it says.

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As is typical with Berlin’s most elusive rave cathedral, the exact details around the spec and design new system remain under wraps; however Funktion-One has confirmed that while it does have “different performance characteristics,” it is “technologically superior” to the main room’s now retired set up.

“Like the original system, it will continue to evolve as engineers, artists/producers and Funktion-One get deeper into it,” say Funktion-One.

Contrary to some reports last month, there has never been a Funktion-One sound system in Panorama Bar, only DJ monitors which are still in use today.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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