Glasgow’s SWG3 will now be powered by dancer’s body heat

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Glasgow’s SWG3 will now be permanently powering itself using its punter’s body heat.

This renewable energy system runs via heat flowing through pipes that are charged as a thermal battery before being emitted back into the venue.

The system is active across three separate spaces of the venue including a 1250-person capacity event space, a 1000-person event space and the main foyer entrance.

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It’s claimed by SWG3 owners that the venue can completely disconnect from gas boilers, reducing its carbon emissions by about 70 tonnes of CO2 a year.

The BODYHEAT system, produced by renewable energy company TownRock Energy, was first introduced to the venue as a trial during the COP26 summit in Glasgow last year at an estimated cost of £600,000.

“To put in perspective, if we were to go down a more conventional route with typical air conditioning, then your costs would probably be about 10% of that – so £60,000,” Managing Director Andrew Fleming-Brown told the BBC.

Fleming-Brown also has said: “As well as being a huge step towards our goal of becoming net zero and will hopefully influence others from our industry and beyond to follow suit, working together to tackle climate change.”

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David Townsend, founder of TownRock Energy also told the BBC that Berlin nightclub SchwuZ “has shown a lot of interest”.

“You know they don’t want to be kind of beaten at cool clubbing technology.” He adds: “They’ve seen what we’ve done in Glasgow and really want it in Berlin.”

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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