Google Assistant can reportedly detect samples “less than a second long”

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Google artificial intelligence technology Google Assistant can be used identify samples from tracks “that are under a second long,” according to an investigation from Sample Hunting Discord users.

According to Tracklib, the technique was discovered by the Sample Hunting Discord community which has also found samples from the work of Mobb Deep, Nujabes, Madlib and more.

Sample Hunting co-founder lobelia, who began detecting samples using Google and Shazam in 2016, discovered Google Assistant’s potential when digging for references on Daft Punk’s ‘Discovery’ album — specifically the track ‘Face To Face’ co-produced by Todd Edwards.

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She told Tracklib: “When Google Assistant helped me find ‘South City Midnight Lady’ by The Doobie Brothers as a guitar sample in ‘Face To Face’ in late 2021, I realized that this method could be huge,” she explains.

“Especially because, at that point, we didn’t even know that sound was a separate sample. We actually thought it was part of another sampled record.”

lobelia adds: “I slept through what we now call ‘the Night of Many Samples’ when I’d say a dozen samples were found. I can’t describe how crazy waking up to all of that was!”

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A member of the Sample Hunting community DJPasta found another method, as they explained: “I figured out a method to run audio directly from my PC into Google Assistant with software called Bluestacks. I was mostly trying out a few Todd Edwards samples that I’d been looking for at the time. To my surprise, Google Assistant’s song recognition found most of them. Eventually, I had the idea to try out shorter samples, like Carrie Lucas’ ‘Sometimes a Love Goes Wrong.'”

“Google Assistant can even detect samples less than a second long, and is usually able to detect samples that have been chopped or time-stretched,” DJPasta found.

[Via: Tracklib]

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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