Greggs warehouse raided by Northumbria Police amid government nitrous oxide crackdown

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A Greggs warehouse in Benton, Newcastle, has been raided by Northumbria Police following a UK-wide government crackdown on nitrous oxide, AKA nos or laughing gas.

The raid took place in the early hours of the morning on Saturday, a spokesperson from Northumbria Police announced, adding that Greggs has been a “leading culprit” in the purchasing of nos.

“They have waist-height canisters full of the stuff,” said Chief Superintendent S. Bake. “It’s a shame, because I love their pink jammie doughnuts. But I’m disgusted at how they’ve handled the clamp downs on this extremely dangerous drug.”

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Nitrous oxide, which is used as a cream whipping tool by chefs, is set to be banned following concerns over its use as a drug. In an announcement by Michael Gove, he argued: “I’ve seen kids buying two balloons for a tenner in Brixton. That’s just outrageous. I used to get them for a quid a pop.”

A nearby Greggs store was also raided by Northumbria Police this morning after it received a dozen canisters of nitrous oxide. “I went in to get some Cream Éclairs for my pals, and I came out in handcuffs,” says one Greggs customer, who was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply.

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Pastry experts are now concerned over doughnut shortages across the UK. According to Tash Brown, a leading researcher at the University of Worcester, supplies of sweet treats could plummet.

“I’m extremely nervous about what could happen in the coming weeks,” she said. “I urge you to buy as many doughnuts as you can now and stock up before they disappear off the shelves.”

Tira Massu is Mixmag’s drugs and tabloid reporter

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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