Grimes issues apology following “disastrous” DJ set at Coachella


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Grimes has issued an apology following technical difficulties during her DJ set at Coachella on Saturday night (April 13).

According to The Independent, the Canadian musician began experiencing issues around “20 minutes” into the 50-minute set — before stopping the music briefly to exclaim over the mic.

In footage taken from the Coachella livestream, she can be heard shouting: “Sorry! We are actually having a major technical difficulty, I’m trying to sync… I’m not good enough at math for this shit, but here we go.”

The artist had continued to “scream” over the mic as the technical issues persisted, with Twitter user Shane1409 writing: “Grimes’ tracks are at double tempo for some reason and she’s tried to explain like 6 times now she can’t mix them on the fly.”

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Earlier today (Sunday, April 14) Grimes took to Twitter to apologise for the issue, promising fans that there will not be issues during her second Coachella show next weekend.

“To save time this was one of the first times I’ve outsourced essential things like rekordbox bpm’s and letting someone else organize the tracks on the sd card etc,” she explains.

“I had a bad feeling beforehand not having run everything thru the cdjs myself and tho I flagged it I wasn’t insistent,” she continues.

“I will personally organize all the files next week. I will not let such a thing happen again.

I’ve spent months on this show, making music and visuals, and admittedly am not in the best mood atm

But, yeh – next week will be flawless, everything will run thru my hand.”

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Though some commentators have pondered if Grimes’ set was “one of the worst” in Coachella’s history, others have pointed out that the first half of the set – which saw the musician being pulled on stage in mechanical spider before dishing out edits of Rihanna and South Korean girl group IVE – “went hard.”

Check out some of the reactions to Grimes’ weekend 1 Coachella set below:

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