​Grimes launches new software to mimic her voice, offers 50% royalties

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Grimes is encouraging fans and producers to “take advantage” of her vocals by launching a new software that mimics her voice.

Elf.Tech, the AI voice software currently in beta mode, allows users to record and upload their own voice which will then spit it out in the sound of Grimes’ when run through the software.

The Canadian singer announced the new prototype software on Sunday, telling fans that it might be “imperfect” at its beginning stages. “Plz excuse any hiccups or bugs – this is all new and we’re workshopping it,” she said.

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“U can upload ur voice singing or record directly into the app (click the “create” button to do this). It will output the same audio but with my voice,” she explained on Twitter last weekend.

The software also allows users to “train” their own Grimes model using stems, encouraging users to “take advantage” of her IP. “Grimes is now open source and self replicating,” she said.

People have started sharing their Grimes-style music, drawing responses from Grimes. “Oh my god this hook is literally crazy” she said on Twitter, commenting a track made by LA-based artist Kito.

Grimes first opened up the discussion of AI-mimicking last month on Twitter saying she wants to “kill copyright” and allow those who generate music using her voice to get an equal cut of royalties.

Alongside the launch of Elf.Tech, Grimes announced that she would offer a 50% royalty split to anyone who collects them on a track using her AI-generated voice.

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Her team have also offered to distribute any music made by fans using “Grimes name and likeness”, but have asked to be tasteful in doing so.

“We ask for 50% splits on master recording royalties in exchange for a grimes feat and distribution,” she explained. “There’s a *small* chance we can organize getting you publishing $ as well but we can’t guarantee this yet. But I hope we can!! Would be cool.”

Grimes also announced that she would be releasing “real” music over the coming weeks and months with named tracks ‘Music for Machines’ and ‘I wanna be software’.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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