Here’s every feature we published for Tinnitus Awareness Week

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“My life changed overnight”: Dealing with sudden hearing loss and tinnitus
For the introductory feature, our guest editor Seb Wheeler shared his experiences with hearing loss, tinnitus, and his journey of mental and physical rehabilitation
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9 ways to make living with tinnitus easier
Seb Wheeler shares a list of advice for coping with tinnitus and alleviating its impact on your mental and physical health
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The different types of tinnitus and how to spot the signs
Becky Buckle speaks to experts to find out everything you need to know about the condition and ways to protect yourself from it
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How tinnitus affects DJs’ life and work in music
Patrick Hinton speaks to seven DJs about their experience with tinnitus and advice for dealing with it.
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5 artists share their tips on how to produce when you have tinnitus
Gemma Ross speaks to TSVI, Lyra Pramuk, LDLDN, Sha Sha Kimbo and Minor Science about the impacts of tinnitus on production – and the best ways to cope in the studio
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Why younger ravers are embracing earplugs
Belle Richardson reports on why Gen Z and millenials are better at protecting their ears than any generations that came before them
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Should nightclubs be doing more to protect your hearing?
Megan Townsend speaks to industry professionals, experts and crowd members about the impact music events can have on our ears – and what more could be done to prevent hearing loss
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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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