High-strength MDMA found at Electric Picnic Festival

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Abnormally strong MDMA pills and drugs that have never found in Ireland before were among substances tested at September’s edition of the Electric Picnic Festival.

The drugs were discovered during a pilot drug testing and communications scheme by the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE), as part of its Safer Nightlife Programme, at the festival in County Laois, Republic of Ireland.

In a report of the trials, details of four different skull-shaped “Mybrand” pills were published, some with low strengths of 36mg of MDMA, but one was found to have a “dangerously strong” strength of 235mg – leading the HSE to issue risk warning about them throughout the festival.

The HSE also released a risk warning after discovering the presence of 3-CHC. Coming in the form of white crystals, the HSE said in the report that its presence “suggests the possible connection of this sample to adverse negative health reactions at the event”.

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3-CMC is a stimulant, but has been known to cause adverse reactions. The report read: “[3-CMC] can produce strong stimulant effects which can make people feel unwell.

“They can lead to prolonged stimulation, insomnia, anxiety, paranoia, suicidal feeling, psychosis with negative come downs and after effects. They can also cause cravings which could lead to overconsumption/overdose,” it continued.

Also found in the trials were the presence of new drugs that had before been identified in Ireland. These included 5-MAPB, a drug similar to amphetamines and 4-HO-MiPT, a tryptamine that can cause psychedelic reactions.

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Risk communications at Electric Picnic were shared on large screens during the event, warning festivalgoers of the substances and their potential danger, as well as messages being sent across Electric Picnic’s social media channels.

Electric Picnic is the biggest festival in Ireland, with a capacity of around 70,000. Headlining the event this year were Tame Inmpala, Arctic Monkeys and Dermot Kenndy. Other acts included Megan Thee Stallion, Annie Mac, Jeff Mills and VTSS.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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