House music is the most popular club genre in the UK, study reveals

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House music has been named the most popular club music across the UK for 2024, according to a study published by A2D2 on April 2.

Gathering insight from Resident Advisor, the research analysed club nights and their genres across 16 cities in the UK, revealing intriguing revelations about the music cultures in each location.

According to the study, house music was reigning supreme in nine out of 16 cities, dominating club nights in London, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds, Brighton, Bristol, Liverpool, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

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House was followed by techno, which came out on top in four cities including Newcastle, Belfast, Glasgow and Aberdeen, making it the second most popular genre across the UK.

Spanning 12 of the 16 cities, is Garage, which has enjoyed a heavy revival in recent years, with speed garage and bassline creeping into popularity in recent years.

“Dundee has the most unique taste in Scotland’s club music scene” according the report, thanks to its love of disco which shared first place alongside techno in the Scottish city. It’s also worth noting Dundee was the only city with funk & soul in its top five.

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Lovers of trance might want to head to Scotland, with two out of four cities including the electronic genre in their top five favourites.

House and Techno landed in joint first place in the northern city of Sheffield, followed by Jazz. The study made note of Sheffield’s “thriving jazz community”, spearheaded by Sheffield Jazz as a potential cause of this.

The research named Birmingham as the city with the most diverse taste, with its most popular genre, d ‘n’ b, followed by afrobeat and grime.

Unsurprisingly, jungle was the favourite of Bristol.

Read the full report from A2D2 here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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