Iglooghost returns with new album, ‘Tidal Memory Exo’

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Iglooghost is back with his first full-length record in three years, ‘Tidal Memory Exo’, marking his label debut on LUCKYME®.

The 13-track record is due to land on May 10, this time featuring the Irish-born, Bristol-based producer’s own vocals. It follows the release of his 2021 album, ‘Lei Line Eon’, which landed via his Gloo label.

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Speaking on the next release, he explains: “I wanted to make an album that sounded super relentless, violent, and pummelling, or like filthy tidal waves smashing against walls of rusted sea urchins”.

“It’s an aquatic album, but in a fossilised, sewage-ridden, decaying type of way,” he says, citing former Factory Records frontmen as inspiration for the release.

“A lot of those bands weren’t technical vocalists, but were making compelling tunes with metallic, jagged and noisy production. I tried reinterpret the stark rhythms of that era on a few of the tracks, just made with my palette of laptop DAW music,” he says.

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The first single from the album, ‘Coral Mimic’, is out now on LUCKYME®. The track is said to nod to a “local sub-genre people are calling Post-Coil” weaving in his unusual, post-apocalyptic narratives, creating a dystopian world around the record.

“I made [‘Coral Mimic’] on a horrible corrosive drum sequencer that can only be touched with gloves on. Every 4 minutes the LCD display gets obscured by an internal fuel leakage, so I had to keep stopping so I could siphon the excess diesel out in time,” he says.

Pre-order ‘Tidal Memory Exo’ here, and check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Blue Hum
2. New Species
3. Alloy Flea
4. Coral Mimic
5. Spawn01 ft Cyst
6. flux•Cocoon
7. Pulse Angel
8. Echo Lace
9. Nemat0de
10. Chlorine•FM
11. Germ Chrism
12. Dew Signal
13. Geo Sprite Exo

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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