Irvine Welsh and Serge Santiago team up for acid house banger

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Irvine Welsh – widely known for writing the popular ‘Trainspotting’ – has teamed up with producer and DJ Serge Santiago to release acid house banger ‘Rave Dance’.

The track pays homage to the movement by Welsh narrating a story of recreational activity and its impact on responsible decision making over an infectious, deep hypnotic soundtrack assembled by Santiago.

It is housed on Welsh’s new co-owned electronic music label, ‘Jack Said What’, which he runs alongside founder Steve Mac, plus music journalist Carl Loben.

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“Here Irvine tells the story of that rebellious place that any self-respecting raver has been,” says Santiago on the record. “Everyday life never stops us, ‘I’ve got work in the morning but f**k it!’ – all set to a deep rolling and energetic house soundtrack”

“I see it as being about the time when going raving replaced going to see band gigs in popular culture,” continues Welsh. “I was inspired by the dance.”

Both the record and his label reflects the novelist, playwright and documenter’s renewed interest and involvement in the dance music sphere since he started DJing again not too long ago. Through these ventures, Welsh is keen to help bring new talent through whilst shining a spotlight on “quality electronic music”.

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For Santiago, the release follows his summer-ready, house cut ‘You Got Me’ and italo house influenced ‘Ear Racer’. Through ‘Rave Dance’, he is able to explore the realms of acid house sounds resting on a refined deep house beat.

‘Rave Dance’ is available now, you can check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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