Jam City announces reissue of debut album, ‘Classical Curves’

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Producer Jam City has announced the reissue of his massive debut album ‘Classical Curves’.

Initially released in the summer of 2012, the vinyl-exclusive rework takes the “deconstructed club” record which synthesises melodies and sharp drums and enhances it with 10 new rare tracks.

The unreleased material, created around the time of the initial release of ‘Classical Curves’, takes shape as a double LP which boasts an exclusive seven-inch vinyl and access to unseen photographs taken by Jam City himself as research for the original record’s cover art.

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“I had no idea that 10 years after this record came out, people would still be listening to it,” he tells Mixmag. “And while it can often feel a bit awkward revisiting your old work, it became clear to me recently that this album really does mean alot to so many people. They made me love it again and I knew it deserved to be back out there.

“There’s a brashness and energy to the record that comes from being young and having no clue what you’re doing, and I like the idea of using that as a guide for future work. Revisiting it also made me remember just how much work went into it – with countless demos and cover art ideas that didn’t make the cut. I wanted to include these artifacts this time around, so you can get a little deeper into the world of ‘Classical Curves’.”

Nostalgic for some, tracks ‘HER’ and ‘How We Relate To the Body’ appear as extended versions, with an 80s-inspired affair on the once unreleased ‘He Watches Over Us All’. There’s also a 26-minute mammoth track, ‘Goodbye Hyatt Park’, which offers listeners some soothing respite.

Listeners are even teased with his future solo material evidencing traces of the 2012 debut record.

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In the meantime, you can pre-order Jam City’s ‘Classical Curves (Deluxe Reissue)’ now, do so here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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