Jeff Mills is the face of Jil Sander’s Fall/Winter campaign

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Jeff Mills is the face of German fashion brand Jil Sander’s Fall/Winter 2023 campaign.

Modelling Jil Sander’s latest fashion line, the Detroit techno pioneer also features in a short film which runs alongside the campaign.

Shot in Manchester, the video features Mills speaking on the subjects of the mid-’90s and optimism within music and fashion.

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Mills says in the documentary: “As I became interested in music, I was also really interested in fashion and to understand those who specialize in the various ways people can appear with things to wear as well as think and imagine society and the direction of it. As a musician, I can look at that, turn to music and think about the same type of topics: the shades, the colours, the textures and translate it into sound even considering the silence after sound.”

Filmed by Stephen Kidd and photographed by Chris Rhodes, the campaign explains that Manchester “stands for every city, every society, capable of reinventing itself through creativity and imagination. With the tools they have at their disposal. As Mills and his peers did in Detroit.”

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“The collection clashes genres”, says creative directors Lucie and Luke Meier. “A reflection of our desire to embrace information exchange, openness, and cross-pollination, to merge the archetypes of women’s and men’s wardrobes, to create a true space of self-expression”.

Mills has previously worked with Dior. Last year he was the DJ for the fashion brad’s runway show at the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

Take a look at Jil Sander’s Fall/Winter campaign here and watch the full film here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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