Jessica Skye announces album ‘Fluō State 002’ shares latest single ‘Mindgames’

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LA-based Jessica Skye has announced her sophomore album ‘Fluō State 002’, inspired by the ebb and flow of yogic energy with an intention to bridge the gap between electronic music and wellness.

With its title stemming from the Latin term for ‘flow’, the deep, melodic body of work meanders through a sonic journey guiding listeners through such a sense of ‘flow’ drawing upon ambient soundscapes, dreamy electronica and groove-focused dance cuts.

With the full record set for release on May 10 – to coincide with Mental Health Awareness month / week, an ode to the “escapist” roots of music for Skye – second single ‘Mindgames’ is available now, released to coincide with International Women’s Day. The record draws inspiration from her 14 year career as a yoga teacher, employing strings and percussives with ethereal vocals and a melody-driven groove.

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“People often think teaching yoga and DJing are two polarised paths but they are basically the same job,” explained Jessica. “With both roles, you are holding a space for people, reading the room, and there’s an exchange of energy. You are also leading the way and using music to guide the energy”.

“Whether you are on the dancefloor or on your mat practising yoga, you are letting the music carry your energy, moving to the beat, and expressing yourself freely – and that’s what I wanted to explore with ‘Fluō State 002’.

“Wellness and mental health in the music industry is something that’s really important to me and I’m currently exploring ways to help and support my peers in the industry, starting with music as a medium to support a wellness practice.”

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‘Fluō State 002’ is available on May 10, with single ‘Mindgames’ available now. Check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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